CHC and Rafael statement in response to MCA’s UKSAR2G tender shortlist announcement

Gen 1 MCA helicopter

A statement from CHC and Rafael in response to being included as one of the shortlist of companies being invited to tender for the next generation of search and rescue aviation, announced by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency earlier today

CHC and Rafael bid statement


Tim McMillan, CHC SAR Bid Director said:


“EEA Helicopters Operations B.V (CHC) with Rafael are pleased to be invited by the MCA, as a shortlisted bidder, to tender for the UK Second Generation Search and Rescue contract. CHC and Rafael are working together to answer the Government’s brief for a next generation service that will build on the MCA’s renowned heritage and excellence in SAR. Our partnership brings together one of the largest civil and SAR rotary wing operators in the world with more than half a century of experience, and a world-leading technology company with 70 years of experience developing products and solutions for aerial, maritime and land based reconnaissance.


“Both companies have teamed to create an operationally and financially robust foundation, enabling a solution combining efficient and effective technological excellence with proven SAR expertise.  The team has the capabilities to deliver today’s SAR requirements, as well as the agility to improve and adapt to future demands.”



*EEA Helicopters Operations BV is the entity under which the European Helicopter subsidiaries hold their Air Operating Certificates.


MCA Release: