Photos show the vehicle on the causeway as the lifeboat approached, and the Refuge Box.

Seahouses RNLI Inshore Lifeboat was on a training exercise at the Farne Islands at 3.09pm on Saturday 23 March 2019, when they were tasked by UK Coastguard to go to the assistance of a motor vehicle, reported to be swamped on Holy Island Causeway. Two occupants had managed to reach the refuge box after abandoning the vehicle.

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Exmouth volunteers played a role in multi-agency tasking to rescue man with possible leg injury

Photos: (Credit Exmouth RNLI)

PR060219-1 Inshore lifeboat recovered to the boathouse

PR060219-2 Inshore lifeboat inside boathall

PR060219-3 The Casualty is transferred to an awaiting ambulance

Inshore lifeboat George Bearman II launched at 2.24pm on 6 February to assist Exmouth and Beer Coastguard Rescue teams on Rodney Bay beach. A 73 year old man needed medical assistance at a location unaccessable by ambulance.

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RNLI Seahouses is still being called out to rescue people who have failed to check the tide times and become trapped on the Holy Island causeway even though warning signs have been added to stop this type of incident. In addition to the risk to occupants’ life and to the responding RNLI Lifeboat crew, the trapped vehicle is very likely to become a ‘write off’ as a result of salt water immersion. It should also be remembered that when a lifeboat is attending an avoidable emergency it is not available for other calls and this can increase danger to these emergencies    SARN Ed.

At 13:27hr on Sunday 20 January 2019, just as Seahouses Lifeboat Crew had returned to their homes after the bi-weekly training exercise launch that morning, they were requested to assemble and stand by, by the coastguard. Some occupants from a car which had been trapped by the tide on Holy Island Causeway, had made it to the mainland side, after abandoning their vehicle. High tide at Seahouses was 13:54hr that day. It was believed they may be wet and cold, and may be in need of medical care. A Coastguard unit was not available at that time.

The crew were paged and assembled at the boathouse. The Inshore Lifeboat was made ready to be taken by road if necessary, and at 13:46hr, the Coastguard reported one of their units was now on scene, and no further RNLI assistance was required at this time. The crew were then stood down.

Exmouth lifeboat family carols begin with a call for help)

Photos: (Credit: Exmouth RNLI)


PR221218 Inshore lifeboat George Bearman II launches to a search of the river Exe


PR221218 Crowd singing in all-weather boat hall

As guests were arriving for Exmouth lifeboat carols for volunteers’ families, inshore lifeboat George Bearman II was tasked following the transmission of a weak Mayday call for help, somewhere in west Lyme Bay.

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Swiss Air-Rescue Rega Completes New Air Ambulance Fleet with Delivery of Third Bombardier Challenger 650 Business Jet

  • Long-standing Bombardier customer
  • ircraft to carry out urgent medical evacuations
  • The Challenger 650 aircraft has the cabin size, flexibility, range and dependability to be the next generation of a proven life-saving platform
  • With the highest wing loading of any aircraft in its class, the Challenger 650 aircraft provides an exceptionally smooth ride that benefits passengers receiving medical care, minimizes pilot fatigue and extends the life of mission equipment

MONTREAL, Dec. 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bombardier has proudly delivered a third Challenger 650 aircraft to Swiss Air-Rescue Rega, completing a next-generation fleet of air ambulances tasked with rescuing and repatriating Swiss citizens around the world.

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