The Yacht, finally clear of the shingle bank, being escorted into Holy Island Harbour, to be met by the Coastguard Rescue Team and Harbour Master.

A relieved Yacht skipper we suspect !

At 17:00hr on Friday 14th July 2017, both lifeboats relaunched, and returned to the yacht to assist it to free itself on tonight’s high tide. The tide was tonight was slightly lower than this morning, so if the yacht could not be freed, it could be marooned for a week at least till the tides start to pick up again. At the point of high tide, the yacht was still not refloating. With some wash generated by the lifeboats, it was finally possible to gently tow the yacht clear. Care had to be taken to prevent any damage to the yacht’s hull. The yacht, once finally clear, was escorted to Holy Island harbour, where it was met by the local Coastguard Rescue Team. After a friendly chat between the Coastguard, yacht crew and lifeboat crews, both Seahouses Lifeboats returned to station at 20.30hr that night. A slightly difficult job, but with a successful conclusion.