Chilean SAR Managment


Chile accepts responsibility for a very large area of the Pacific. This area is divided vertically and horizontally. As the area extends West, some 4,000 miles from the coast, the SAR services must depend on the Chilean Navy to provide ocean coverage, using its warships and embarked helicopters, when incidents are beyond the range of coastal SAR assets.
Each country provides SAR coverage in a manner that most suits local conditions. Chile relies on Governmental organizations for primary coverage and the volunteer lifeboat service is supported by the Chilean Navy in fuel subsidies and training.
At the heart of the SAR services is a modern and professional Command and Control Center that employs C4ISR technology to provide a real-time presentation of incidents as a surface picture. From the early military and intelligence command and control systems, that employed map tables and depicted objects as coloured wooden blocks, moved around the table manually by plotters, a range of technologies are now integrated to provide considerable information in a very practical manner. The Chilean system uses the acronym, C4ISR, for Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance to reflect the technologies and functionality brought together.

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