Exmouth RNLI assist with injured windsurfer

PHOTOGRAPH : LB_09_John Thorogood : Exmouth All Weather Lifeboat launches to conduct the search. Credit : John Thorogood / Exmouth RNLI

Exmouth RNLI Inshore Lifeboat discovered an injured windsurfer during an exercise this afternoon off Exmouth Beach.





At about 2pm today, Saturday 7 November 2020, whilst engaged in an exercise with Exmouth RNLI Inshore Lifeboat, D-755 Peggy-D, the volunteer lifesaving crew came across a windsurfer who appeared to be struggling against the tide.

The lifeboat, manned by Helm, Harry Griffin and crew Mark Cockman and Dougie Wright, was launched a short time earlier by shore crew Robert Thompson and John Dinsdale on a preplanned exercise when they spotted the individual some distance off Exmouth Lifeboat Station. tkitesurfer casualty H.M. Coastguard assigned both our RNLI All Weather Lifeboat 13-03 R & J Welburn and Inshore Lifeboat D-755 Peggy-D to a report of an unattended kiteboard found on the beach at Ladram Bay and potentially a person in difficulty in the sea.

The lifeboats, tasked with conducting a shoreline search from Ladram Bay to Jacobs Ladder, were assisted by two H.M. Coastguard Rescue Teams.

The All Weather Lifeboat was manned by lifesaving volunteer crew, Steve Hockings-Thompson, Scott Ranft, Roger Jackson, Chris Sims and Andrew Stott and the Inshore Lifeboat by Henry Mock, Sarah Beresford and James Edge.

Both lifeboats were stood down from their tasking at 09:18hrs today when it was established that the kiteboard had been on the beach, apparently abandoned, since yesterday.

They were back on station ready for service a short time later.