Exmouth RNLI lifeboat launched to rescue disabled yacht

PHOTOGRAPHS : 13-33 Night 28 8 20 1 / 13-33 Night 28 8 20 2 / 13-33 Night 28 8 20 3 Exmouth All Weather Lifeboat launches to rescue the yacht Credit : Mark Johnson / Exmouth RNLI

The Exmouth RNLI temporary All Weather Lifeboat was launched late yesterday following a report of a disabled yacht.





Exmouth’s RNLI temporary Lifeboat Bridie O’Shea was launched at 21:31hrs last night, following a request from H.M. Coastguard to attend a report of a disabled 42ft yacht. The vessel had reportedly lost all engine and electrical power and was positioned several miles south of the coast of Lyme Regis and only equipped with minimum emergency lighting.

The lifeboat crewed by Exmouth RNLI volunteers – Coxswain, Steve Hockings-Thompson, Mechanic Andrew Stott, Navigator Guy Munnings and crew Scott Ranft, Harry Griffin and James Searle immediately made it’s way to the location of the vessel.

The crew sighted the vessel at 22:44hrs and a crewman was placed on board.

The disabled yacht was escorted to safety at Torquay, arriving at 01:58hrs today Friday 28 August 2020.

Exmouth RNLI Coxswain, Steve Hockings-Thompson, who commanded the lifeboat, said “This was a very serious situation where a 42ft yacht with three persons on board had got into difficulties well out to sea during the hours of darkness and suffered complete power failure. This meant they had no engine power, limited navigation lights and no radio communications during the night in moderate sea conditions where they were able to make only very slow progress. Fortunately we sighted the boat quickly and were able to give immediate assistance and guide the yacht to safety at Torquay. It was a long and difficult assignment but one which myself and the crew were pleased was met with a safe and successful outcome.”

On completion of the task the lifeboat returned to Exmouth where it was back on station at 02:31hrs today.