A happy outcome for what could so easily have been a tragedy. Around the coasts of Britain, and most countries with a seaboard, there are areas of shoaling waters. At low water there are large inviting areas of miles of sand with warm pools but there are also great dangers. Many of these areas hold special hidden danger of quicksands but the greatest danger comes when the tide turns. An incoming tide can rapidly cut off the unwary, leaving them isolated on sandbanks that will soon submerge. Added to this are often vicious rip currents that can sweep victims out to sea. Children must be supervised but the dangers apply to adults including the strongest swimmers. Please take care when enjoying the sands…….SARN Ed.

At 19:03hr on Saturday 11 July 2020, UK Coastguard requested Seahouses ILB to go to the immediate assistance of 6 children reported cut off on a sandbank, by the rising tide at Budle Bay, north of Bamburgh. Local Coastguard Officers were also deployed.





The Insore Lifeboat was quickly launched, and began making best speed to the incident, when the Coastguard received further information that the children had managed to reach the shore safely and unaided. The Coastguard cancelled the lifeboat, which was released to return to station and stood down. Local Coastguard Officers were on the scene.

There have now been a number of similar incidents at Budle Bay over the last two years, and the RNLI urge visitors to the area to be aware of how quickly the tide comes into areas like Budle Bay and Holy Island, and to take care on large sandy bay areas, and avoid the risk of becoming stranded. In particular, children should be carefully supervised when visiting these areas. If there are any concerns for the safety of individuals, the Coastguard should be advised at once by calling 999 or 112.