Exmouth RNLI rescue two ladies in the river Exe, cut off by the tide, in the dark

Photos: (Credit Exmouth RNLI)

PR260219 Inshore lifeboat George Bearman II recovering after rescue

Inshore lifeboat George Bearman II launched at 7.11pm following a call to the Coastguard from two ladies stranded on a sandbank in the river Exe, with an incoming tide.



Searching near Exmouth railway station with heat-seeking equipment, Exmouth inshore lifeboat Crew located the casualties approximately 300m offshore, north east of the Exe Sailing Club. Using their mobile phone lights to guide Crew volunteers to them, the ladies climbed into the D class lifeboat at 7.35pm and were taken ashore, to safety at Imperial slipway.


George Bearman II returned to station at 7.55pm and was ready for service at 8pm. Exmouth Coastguard Rescue Team were also in attendance.


Helm, Scott Ranft commented:

The tide was coming in quickly and in the dark you can easily become disorientated. In this case, the location was unsure. The ladies could have made it ashore, but only if they had waded through the water at chest height, but they did the right thing to call 999 for help. Please take means of communication and consult tide times when you go walking along the shore.’