Photos show  the yacht below Lindisfarne Castle and the ILB alongside

At 07:51hr on Friday 14th July 2017, UK Coastguard requested the immediate launch of both Seahouses Lifeboats, to go to the assistance of a 26ft yacht with three persons and a dog on board. The yacht had run aground on the gravel outcrop at Holy Island, near the haven, known as the Rigg, and was unable free itself.



The Lifeboats were launched and made best speed to the casualty’s location, and Holy Island Coastguard Rescue Team were also mobilised. On arrival of the lifeboats, it was established that all on board were safe and well. The yacht was a twin hull design with twin keels, and was safely sitting upright on the gravel. The tide was falling quite quickly, and it was impossible for the lifeboats to try and tow the craft off without causing serious damage. After consultation with the yacht crew, who were in no danger, it was agreed that they be left in situ. The lifeboats would return when the tide was rising again later today, to stand by and assist the yacht to free itself.

The Lifeboats then returned to station, and were ready for service again at 10.45hr, and will be returning to the yacht at 17:00hr today.