Saturday Advanced Medical Demonstration

Date: Saturday May 27, 2017
Place: Mount Seymour (North Shore Rescue SAR Station)
Time: 11:00 AM

TB Vets, a key ongoing supporter of NSR’s lifesaving capabilities, has been instrumental in permitting us to purchase the Zoll Autopulse, Zoll X Series Defribillator (and Monitor), and the Oxylater ventilating device. This technology permits our medical team to initiate resuscitation efforts, and maintain resuscitation efforts while simultaneously extracting patients from austere wilderness terrain.

Recently, TB Vets has generously made it possible for NSR to purchase a second Zoll X Series Monitor/Defibrillator, which will greatly expand our ability to provide advanced medical coverage to the North Shore, and the Southwest region of the province when required.

Tomorrow morning, North Shore Rescue members will be demonstrating the use of our new advanced medical capabilities in a aeromedical / mountain rescue configuration. NSR’s advanced medical team, in conjunction with Talon Helicopters, will demonstrate the use of this technology at our Mount Seymour Rescue facility. This will be an excellent opportunity for the media and the public to see North Shore Rescue’s medical capabilities in practice.


Furthermore, there will be an opportunity to view NSR’s annual Member-In-Training examination, which will also be taking place on Mount Seymour during this time (the exam starts at 08:00).