Exmouth RNLI volunteers rescue man on yacht in the dark river Exe

Exmouth’s inshore lifeboat launched at 2.55am on 8 May, following a call to the Coastguard from a man aground in the dark river Exe.



The UK Coastguard was contacted at 2.30am to request the launch of a lifeboat to assist a 16’ ketch aground off Starcross.

After some difficulty, as the sole person on board the yacht was unsure of his position, Crew volunteers found the casualty at Cockwood by setting off a white flare and asking the casualty to confirm the sighting to the Coastguard. Once located, the ketch was taken under tow to a deep water mooring in the river Exe and the casualty taken ashore, at his request to Exmouth Marina at 4.30am.

The yacht was in poor condition and ill-equipped, the only means the owner had of summoning assistance was an unreliable mobile phone and this contributed to the difficulty in locating the vessel. Appropriate safety advice was given.

Helm, Scott Ranft said:

This is the second call-out we’ve had in a week to lone sailors in yachts which have been in a poor state and without basic safety and communication equipment. We urge everyone who takes to the water to take a reliable means of communication with them and wear lifejackets. Please respect the water and learn about tide times as it can change very quickly in the river Exe.’