Still Searching for Roy Lee and Chun Lam


NSR and WVPD are asking for the public’s help. Roy Lee and Chun Lam went snowshoeing on Christmas Day near Cypress Bowl and have not been seen since.  An extensive search of the area provided no additional clues as to their whereabouts. As the snow melts this spring we are asking that the public keep an eye out for any sign of the two snowshoers.  It is believed that the two were snowshoeing the trail to St. Marks on the Howe Sound Crest Trail, but may have got off the trail and became disoriented. It is still believed they are in the area of Strachan Mountain. Their families have provided the below photos of what they were likely wearing the day they went missing. If you do see something please contact the West Vancouver Police 604 925 7300.