NSR Does Not Solicit Donations by Telephone

It has recently come to our attention that members of the public have received telephone calls aggressively requesting donations. This issue has arisen from time to time over the years. For those who have received these calls, they are not coming from, nor made on behalf of, North Shore Rescue.



North Shore Rescue does not, nor will we ever, solicit donations by telephone. Similarly, the provincial government recognized BC Search and Rescue Association, also does not solicit donations by telephone.

If you are receiving a cold call asking for a donation, make sure you ask which organization they are representing. If they tell you they are calling for “North Shore Rescue”, please write down the name of the caller and the number from which they are calling, and let us know about the call at: nsr@northshorerescue.com.

If you are looking to make a donation to North Shore Rescue, you can email nsr@northshorerescue.com, or visit our Donations Page for more information. If you are looking to make a donation to another deserving BC Search and Rescue team, a great starting place is the BC Search and Rescue Association website, or the specific team’s website.

Thank you for your continued support of Search and Rescue in BC!