At 14.38hr on Tuesday 20th December 2016, UK Coastguard requested the launch of Seahouses All Weather Lifeboat, to go to the assistance of a 35ft fishing vessel, with three persons on board, disabled with rope around its propeller, off Craster. Craster Inshore Lifeboat had launched to its assistance, but requested a larger all weather lifeboat.

Local Coastguard shore based teams were also mobilised from Howick. Craster ILB enquired if the new Shannon Class Lifeboat was available at Amble, as a water jet powered boat may be more suitable than a propeller powered lifeboat because of the quantity of rope in the water around the casualty vessel. By this time, Seahouses Lifeboat had already launched and was under way. The new Amble Shannon Class boat was available with a crew, and also responded to the incident, arriving shortly before the Seahouses Lifeboat. The casualty was eventually taken in tow, and pulled clear of the nearby rocks, and towed back into Craster harbour. Seahouses Lifeboat stood by at the scene, but was not required. Once the casualty vessel was safely back in Craster Harbour, Seahouses Lifeboat stood down and returned to station.