The 2016 IMO Award for Exceptional Bravery at Sea – Monday 21 November 2016, at IMO HQ, London, starting 6:00 pm.

Bravery Medal


On 21 November, Captain Radhika Menon, Master of the oil tanker Sampurna Swarajya, will be at the annual IMO Bravery Awards Ceremony. (Photos available on request.)

She will receive the highest award for her display of great determination and courage in rescuing seven fishermen who had been given up for dead after their fishing boat Durgamma lost power and was sinking, in fierce rain, wind speed of 60 to 70 knots and 27-feet high waves. Captain Menon, the first female captain in the Indian merchant navy, was nominated for the Award by the Government of India.


Press conference 21 November around 7.00 pm

Captain Menon will speak at a press conference following the ceremony.


Certificates of commendation

Also during the ceremony, certificates of commendation will be presented to nominees (or their representatives):


Mr. Tang Shunjie, leader of the diving squad of the emergency response team, Dong Hai Rescue No.1 Flight Team, Dong Hai Rescue Bureau, nominated by China, for his tenacity and courage in rescuing the only survivor of a capsized fishing boat, in complete darkness, rough seas and strong currents;


Captain Hervé Lepage, Master of the containership CMA CGM Rossini, nominated by France, for his tireless efforts to find and rescue, in adverse weather and sea conditions, two crew members of the capsized catamaran Lama-Lo;


Shri B.M. Das, U/Nvk, winch operator and diver of the rescue helicopter CG 822, Indian Coast Guard Air Station Daman, nominated by India, for rescuing all 14 crew members of the merchant ship Coastal Pride, which capsized, and eventually sank; and


Assistant Inspector Kang Seonggyu, Special Rescue Unit of the Republic of Korea Coast Guard, nominated by the Republic of Korea, for his role in locating and rescuing a crew member confined in an engine-room air pocket of the capsized Chinese fishing vessel Noyounger 57189.

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