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First aid could be revolutionised forever thanks to a new anti-choking device that will replace the Heimlich Manoeuvre, according to leading Irish First Aid provider Harry Knott.


The Dechoker is the brainchild of Inventor Alan Carver, who came up with the idea whilst at sea training for his Captain’s licence. During a session with an instructor Alan was told that choking at sea would have to be dealt with by tracheotomy. He knew there must be a better way.


Whilst a tracheotomy might sound scary, Harry Knott, who runs Westfield First Aid and Ambulance Supplies, explains that the Heimlich Manoeuvre isn’t without risk either. He said, “The Heimlich is effective about 67% of the time, but the procedure itself can cause trauma. An overly aggressive action can rupture internal organs and major blood vessels, and it’s always recommended that choke victims are admitted to hospital for tests for internal damage.


Harry, who is also a member of the Irish Red Cross added “The Dechoker is now being seen as important as a defibrillator by Emergency Practitioners, and what’s more the company themselves say it’s almost risk free, and it’s such a simple piece of kit”.


He also believes that the Dechoker can be used in situations where the Heimlich (abdominal thrusts) either is unsuitable or impossible, for example during pregnancy or when a victim is alone. “It’s a must have now. It’s so easy to use, and there’s a size for each age group. It takes away many of the risks of the Heimlich, you don’t need the upper body strength and you can even save yourself with it”.


“Without doubt, the Dechoker will save more lives and is safer than any anti-choking mechanism we have had until now”.


You can see the Dechoker and more about it at http://westaidshop.org/Contact-information or http://westaidshop.org/epages/950003697.sf/en_IE/bWFpbHRvOmhhcnJ5QHdlc3RhaWRzaG9wLm9yZw

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