Seahouses Lifeboat called to Ski Accident on 23/08/16



At 19.08hr on Tuesday 23rd August 2016, both Seahouses Lifeboats were at sea on exercise off Seahouses, when Humber Coastguard tasked the Inshore Lifeboat to an incident at Budle Bay, north of Bamburgh. There had been a jet ski accident and a 9yr old female had suffered a suspected fractured femur. The casualty’s exact location was not exactly clear when the initial report was received.

It was then decided to task the All Weather Lifeboat also, because of additional medical equipment carried, including Entonox (pain relief) and a rigid stretcher. A crewman from the all weather lifeboat was transferred to the inshore lifeboat to assist with any evacuation of the casualty. The Inshore Lifeboat went ashore just south of the old pier where the casualty had been located, and assisted ambulance crew paramedics who had also reached the casualty. An air ambulance and local coastguard teams from Seahouses and Howick also arrived. The Inshore Lifeboat crew used a flare to assist the Air Ambulance to land safely, and the injured female was then put aboard the aircraft after being stabilised and given pain relief. She was then flown to the Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital at Cramlington for treatment. The Lifeboats were then released and returned to station, and their exercise cancelled.

It is not known how the accident happened, but Seahouses Lifeboat Operations Manager Ian Clayton commented, “We want everyone to enjoy the coast, but this incident does highlight the need for care when using jet skis, as injuries can easily happen. This accident resulted in a serious injury which could have been worse. We hope she makes a full recovery, and comes back to enjoy the coast safely.”

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