Lynn Canyon Recovery Operation

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Yesterday North Shore Rescue was successful in recovering the body of Cole Marsh, the teen that was presumed drowned in Lynn Creek over 3 weeks ago.

NSR spent 12 days in the canyon attempting to recover Marsh. Access to the pool was extremely challenging, due to the location of the pool, and fluctuating water levels.

NSR’s rope rescue specialists set-up a rope rescue system to access the pool, as well as using NSR’s swift water specialists, kayak team, long line helicopter technicians and other members. Multiple under water cameras were used in order locate and extricate Marsh.

Over 1900 man hours from NSR volunteers were used in this operation and involved most members of the team and other partner organizations.

NSR was focused on bringing closure for the Marsh family, and we hope that this recovery assists in his families grieving process.

NSR would like to thank the following organizations for their involvement and help –


District Fire
City Fire
Lynn Canyon Park and Rangers
Metro Vancouver
Dynamic Rescue
Talon Helicopters – Jim Stibbard Pilot
Coroners Service
PLC Electronic Solutions Ltd.


This recovery effort emphasizes that Lynn Canyon can be extremely dangerous. Despite the involvement of many organizations it still took over 3 weeks to complete this operation. Canyon goers should understand that rescues from canyons such as these are often not possible in a short time frame and extreme caution should be used.

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