Tue 15 March 2016 Appeal to Re-Launch Cleethorpes Volunteer Rescue Service The Resorts vital Independent Lifeboat Crew


Cleethorpes Volunteer Rescue Service is a local community registered charity, formerly the Cleethorpes Vigilantes was established to provide help to people after becoming cut off on sand banks and stranded by the incoming tides. There were also a large number of fishing vessels and recreational boat users and personal water craft operating close inshore off Cleethorpes and also to assist and provide back up for the local council beach safety team & HM Coastguard with Search and Rescue incidents at sea and along our coastline.
Their vigil began back in September 1969, when tragedy struck the resort, claiming the lives of a woman and three young girls. Mary Tasker – the owner of a local riding school and mother-of-five – had taken eight-year-olds Margaret Heaton, Susan Fellowes and Linda Darnell, riding on the beach.




As they rode there horses, thick fog descended and the tide came in, cutting them off from the shore, which had stranded them by the tide.
Although more than 100 police, RAF men, firemen and civilian helpers desperately combed a six-mile stretch of coastline between Grimsby and Tetney searching for them, unfortunately despite everyone’s efforts, Mary, all three of the young girls and all but one of the horses tragically lost their lives.
The Police Superintendent described the incident as: “A terrible tragedy – the worst we have ever seen in Cleethorpes.”
Grieving parents and other concerned residents in our town pledged to do all they could to ensure they would never again suffer such a devastating loss – and thus, the Cleethorpes Vigilantes Inshore Lifeboat Service was born, with local experienced fisherman and boaters manning this vital service.
For many years, the Cleethorpes Vigilantes have been on hand to go to the aid of those who get into difficulty in or near the water – launching their own independent lifeboat when required.
Due to immense major public concerns recently and a generation later with inadequate experienced Lifeboat cover immediately available to help in our resort in Cleethorpes.
Cleethorpes Volunteer Rescue Service with an immense experienced crew is appealing to our local community to help provide vital funds and support to re-establish this vital service required in our resort in Cleethorpes and surrounding area.

Why the local experienced crew is vitally important? Is the knowledge and expertise with our area’s local vast beaches, sand banks, marshes, fast flowing high rise and fall tides and shipping channels, and with the crew with over thirty years experienced and proven exemplary service which cannot be taught in a class room over a couple of months, is essential to remain operational for us all.

Cleethorpes Volunteer Rescue Service, is holding an OPEN DAY to invite the local media to attend at The Cleethorpes Volunteer Rescue Service Boathouse,
At the rear of The First Aid/Resort Control Station Central Promenade
Tuesday 15 March 2016, 1100 to 1400
Can you help?

Our aim is to appeal to the local community to get on-board with our crew and help to raise vital funds to enable our experienced Independent Lifeboat Crew to get back to saving lives at sea. The service is also extremely keen to join partnerships with corporate sponsors who share our values within our community.

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Please make a donation or arrange a fundraising event to enable our experienced crew to get back to Saving lives at Sea at Cleethorpes.

Funding & Donations
In this difficult economic environment fundraising has never been more difficult and every pound donated has to be spent extremely wisely. As Cleethorpes Volunteer Rescue Service is funded entirely by charitable donations and will cost a considerable amount to re-launch and also continuous steady cost effective funds a year to run, our community volunteer fundraisers work tirelessly to compete with other national charities and great causes, to raise funds to maintain and replace our equipment, rescue kits, fuel our lifeboat and provide our volunteer crew with personal safety equipment necessary and essential to carry out their lifesaving work.
Uniquely for our local community independent lifeboat service, every pound donated to Cleethorpes Volunteer Rescue Service goes to our local lifeboat and rescue service without the necessity to fund paid staff wages and pension contributions at a central pool at a central Head Quarters. None of our crew members receive any fees for any rescue activities, all of our crew members work on a purely voluntary basis and give freely of their time for your safety in, on or near the water off our resort at Cleethorpes and The Humber Estuary.
How can you help us?
You can help Cleethorpes Volunteer Rescue Service by making a regular donation, by leaving a legacy to the charity organization, or by raising money for us through an enjoyable and exciting fundraising event. You can also spread the word on the great work we do in the community and at sea by sharing our information or alternatively you can offer your services to Cleethorpes Volunteer Rescue Service by becoming an active lifesaving member…
Online Donation – If you would like to make a donation now, you can do so online via our Just giving facility by visiting: Donate to Help Save Lives at Sea
Alternatively, you can contact our Fundraising Team, on the numbers below or email: Cleethorpes.Rescue@gmail.com
Your gift of a donation large or small is really appreciated and will contribute to help us save lives in, on or near the water…
Calm winds & following seas

Cleethorpes Volunteer Rescue Service
Our Community Independent Lifeboat Crew

Operational & Media Contacts;
Captain Gary Barlow 07778 647903
Coxswain Darren Wetherill 07930 198563
Email: Cleethorpes.Rescue@gmail.com

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