Maersk Group tests drone for at sea delivery; Two dead in helicopter crash following box ship grounding

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Maersk Group tests drone for at sea delivery
March 11, 2016—The Maersk Group envisions that one day it will be able to use drones for vessel inspections, firefighting, surveillance for navigation and anti-piracy operations, and to deliver vital goods to its ships at sea—saving the operator a great deal of money and time.

Two dead in helicopter crash following box ship grounding
Taiwan media reported that two people died when a helicopter carrying five crashed into the sea off New Taipei City today while checking for oil slicks following the grounding of a containership.

Angelakos indicted in pollution case
U.S. Attorney Annette L. Hayes reports that a Seattle, WA, grand jury in Seattle has indicted two shipping companies and two engineers for crimes related to the illegal discharge of oily wastewater from the 74,133 dwt bulker M/V Gallia Graeca.

Hearing loss in crew on the rise
A 10-year pre-employment medical (PEME) study has found a dramatic increase in the incidence of hearing defects as the main reason for crew failing their pre-employment medical checks.

American Cruise Lines newbuild is ahead of schedule
The 170-guest, ocean-capable vessel with full active wing stabilization, is targeted at the passenger looking for a high-end and intimate small ship experience.

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