At 00.03hr on Saturday 26th March 2016, Humber Coastguard requested the launch of Seahouses All Weather Lifeboat to go to the assistance of a 10m charity rowing vessel with four persons on board, approximately 12.5 miles off Seahouses, east of the Farne Islands. The vessel had radioed the coastguard requesting assistance, as they could no longer make any headway against the tide, and were having trouble with their steering apparatus. Weather conditions had started to deteriate. A passing cargo vessel had also responded and was standing by the vessel, till the lifeboat arrived.

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First of sixteen AW101 helicopters for the Norwegian

AW101 Norway (1)

Outside the EU, Britain would have been able to purchase AW101 SAR helicopters to replace the SeaKing

A major milestone for the Norwegian All Weather SAR Helicopter programme that features
an innovative search and rescue configuration

The helicopters will be delivered to the Ministry of Justice and Public Security with state-ofthe-
art equipment, including an all new Finmeccanica radar system

The Ministry will take delivery of 16 AW101s for operation by the Royal Norwegian Air Force
starting in 2017

Over 220 AW101s sold to customers worldwide to date for various roles

Rome, 23 March 2016 ¡V Finmeccanica announced today the first of 16 AgustaWestland AW101
helicopters for the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security (MoJ) successfully performed its
maiden flight at its Helicopter Division¡¦s Yeovil factory in the UK on 21st March 2016.

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Sub-Committee on Ship Systems and Equipment (SSE), 3rd session, 14-18 March 2016


Mandatory requirements on periodic servicing and maintenance of lifeboats and rescue boats agreed

Draft mandatory requirements relating to maintenance, thorough examination, operational testing, overhaul and repair of lifeboats and rescue boats, launching appliances and release gear were agreed by the Sub Committee on Ship Systems and Equipment (SSE), meeting for its 3rd session.

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On UN Water Day, 783 million still lack clean water

Watly in Ghana 1

Clean tech company announces machine capable of sanitising 5000 litres of water a day

London, March – Today, on UN’s World Water Day, clean tech company Watly is preparing to open an Indiegogo campaign to fund their award-winning solar technology. The Watly 3.0 thermodynamic computer uses solar energy to sanitise over 5000 litres of water a day, as well as generating electricity and connectivity. The development of Watly 3.0 follows the successful trial of a smaller machine, Watly 2.0, in Abenta Village, Ghana.

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Tue 15 March 2016 Appeal to Re-Launch Cleethorpes Volunteer Rescue Service The Resorts vital Independent Lifeboat Crew


Cleethorpes Volunteer Rescue Service is a local community registered charity, formerly the Cleethorpes Vigilantes was established to provide help to people after becoming cut off on sand banks and stranded by the incoming tides. There were also a large number of fishing vessels and recreational boat users and personal water craft operating close inshore off Cleethorpes and also to assist and provide back up for the local council beach safety team & HM Coastguard with Search and Rescue incidents at sea and along our coastline.
Their vigil began back in September 1969, when tragedy struck the resort, claiming the lives of a woman and three young girls. Mary Tasker – the owner of a local riding school and mother-of-five – had taken eight-year-olds Margaret Heaton, Susan Fellowes and Linda Darnell, riding on the beach.


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Maersk Group tests drone for at sea delivery; Two dead in helicopter crash following box ship grounding

Maersk-mar-1216-0ff692b5435d538a84e2bca1d99c30aa L

Maersk Group tests drone for at sea delivery
March 11, 2016—The Maersk Group envisions that one day it will be able to use drones for vessel inspections, firefighting, surveillance for navigation and anti-piracy operations, and to deliver vital goods to its ships at sea—saving the operator a great deal of money and time.

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