Watch our crew rescue two people from a sinking boat

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                 January 2016
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Watch Peterhead’s crew rescue a father and son stranded on the rocks
When a father and son realised that their boat’s engine had failed in force 6 winds and rough waves, they knew that they were in trouble. Powerless against the mercy of the sea, they could do nothing as their boat was driven onto the rocks and began to sink. Left with no other option, they leaped onto the rocks just as their boat disappeared under the water.
Watch what happened next

Read Gerald’s story
Meet the behind the scenes RNLI volunteers
While you often hear of our brave crews and lifeguards, you don’t often get to hear about the invaluable work of the volunteers who work behind the scenes. In a new feature, we give them their well – deserved moment in the sun. This month, meet Gerald. He has been fundraising since he was 5 and now leads tours of the RNLI College.
Find out why Gerald loves the RNLI
What’s on at the College in 2016
What’s on at the College in 2016
RNLI College is looking to kick off 2016 with a bang. There’s a special offer to stay at the heart of RNLI Training: two people, two nights- only £119. On top of that, every pound spent at RNLI College helps saves lives at sea. And if that isn’t enough, there’s also a wedding open day, a food and drink festival and, of course, our acclaimed College Tours
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Find out more about running on behalf of the RNLI
Get 2016 off to a running start
Find out more about running on behalf of the RNLI
As you begin 2016 with some New Year’s resolutions, why not add running to that list? As well as relieving stress, keeping you in shape and improving your night’s sleep, running on behalf of the RNLI – perhaps even in this year’s Great North Run – is a great way to raise funds and help us save lives at sea.
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