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RNLI commends volunteers for selfless dedication as 2015 rescue stats are revealed






Figures released by the RNLI today (Wednesday 27 January) reveal that volunteer crews in the south west* launched lifeboats a total of 1,485 times and rescued 1,531 people in 2015. With more than nine million people visiting the region’s beaches last summer, the charity’s lifeguards dealt with 11,100 incidents, assisted 12,845 people and saved 55 lives**.

Key figures:

1,485 launches.
Busiest stations – Plymouth & Poole (99 launches) Falmouth (84 launches)
Crew spent 9,989 hours on rescues
579 launches were in darkness
1,531 people rescued
90 lives saved
185 young people under 18 rescued

11,100 incidents
Assisted 12,845 people
Saved 55 lives

Please note: Statistics for individual beaches will not be available this year as in previous years.


Volunteer lifeboat crews across the region’s 36 lifeboat stations saved a total of 90 lives and spent 9,989 hours on service at sea last year, equating to 416 days.

The most common launches for south west lifeboats were to sailing boats (353 or 24%) followed by call outs to power pleasure crafts (286 or 19%).

Tom Mansell, RNLI Divisional Operations Manager, said:

‘The statistics really highlight how hard our volunteer lifeboat crews have worked over the past year. Their commitment to saving lives at sea has seen them collectively give up more than 34,719 hours of their time, responding to the call of their pager, as well as taking part in training exercises to ensure they are ready for any situation.

‘The dedication that all our volunteers show is truly commendable and we thank them wholeheartedly for the selfless work they carry out, at any time of the day or night and in all weathers.’

Across the south west 282 (19%) of lifeboat call outs were in response to machinery failure. In August, Ilfracombe RNLI went to the aid of a rigid inflatable boat (RIB) which had suffered engine failure. Watch it here.

In rough seas, The Lizard lifeboat was launched in November to a lone yachtsman after his boat suffered engine failure 19 miles off Lizard Point. Read more and watch the footage here.

In Somerset, Minehead RNLI volunteers launched to assist two kayakers who got into difficulty in strong offshore winds. Watch the rescue here.

Mudeford RNLI lifeboat was launched to rescue four people from a yacht which ran aground in bad weather on its passage from Lymington to Poole in July. Watch the rescue here.

Around nine million people flocked to the region’s 105 lifeguarded beaches last summer. RNLI lifeguards teams assisted thousands of beachgoers, from rescues in the water and helping people cut off by the tide, to first aid and dealing with lost children.

In South Devon, RNLI lifeguards at Bantham Beach were involved in a mass rescue on 31 October after a family were caught in a rip current. See footage of the rescue here. To stay safe the charity urge anybody visiting the beach to choose one with lifeguards and to swim between the red and yellow flags.

James Millidge, RNLI Community Incident Reduction Manager, advises people to respect the water:

‘The very nature of the sea means it is unpredictable and even the most competent water users can be caught out. But it’s not just people who set out to use the water who end up in it – walkers can get caught out too as conditions can change very quickly. In 2015, 106 lifeboat launches were to people who had been cut off by the tide.

‘By planning a trip beforehand people can prevent themselves from getting into trouble, for example checking the tide times so they don’t become cut off, local weather conditions, and ensuring they carry a means to call for help. We also recommend telling people where you’re going and when you’ll be back so somebody can raise the alarm if you don’t return as planned.

‘If you’re visiting the coast during the summer months, be sure to visit a lifeguarded beach.’

While the charity’s operational volunteers were busy out on the water, the volunteer fundraisers were also working hard raising thousands of pounds for their local stations.

Tom concludes: ‘We would like to thank everyone who supported the RNLI in 2015. Without all of our volunteers, fundraisers and education teams our lifesaving service would not operate.’


Plymouth – 99 launches (44 ALB 55 ILB) 127 assisted 1 lives saved 838 hours at sea 41 services in the dark

2014 – 109 launches 137 assisted

Torbay – 89 launches (38 ALB 45 ILB) 87 assisted 0 lives saved 521 hours at sea 29 services in the dark

2014 – 89 launches 69 assisted

Exmouth – 57 launches (12 ALB 45 ILB) 49 assisted 9 lives saved 245 hours at sea 27 services in the dark

2014 – 83 launches 64 assisted

Teignmouth – 38 launches 35 assisted 2 lives saved 99 hours at sea 13 services in the dark

2014 – 53 launches 32 assisted

Ilfracombe – 67 launches (26 ALB 41 ILB) 61 assisted 9 lives saved 357 hours at sea 24 services in the dark

2014 – 53 launches 51 assisted

Dart – 19 launches 24 assisted 4 lives saved 88 hours at sea 6 services in the dark

2014 – 30 launches 30 assisted

Appledore – 47 launches (11 ALB 36 ILB) 30 assisted 0 lives saved 260 hours at sea 21 services in the dark

2014 – 53 launches 37 assisted

Salcombe – 45 launches (24 ALB 21 ILB) 37 assisted 0 lives saved 384 hours at sea 15 services in the dark

2014 – 54 launches 93 assisted

Clovelly – 7 launches 11 assisted 41 hours at sea 5 services in the dark

2014 – 9 launches 5 assisted

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