A Very Special Thank You


On Friday morning, after completing a media event introducing a new piece of life-saving equipment, we received a very special visit from Rick Robinson. Rick was dropping off a picture he had taken and had framed, to thank us for assisting in saving his life late last year. Rick took this photo of Crown Mountain, thinking of all the rescues NSR conducts here and he thought that we would appreciate this very thoughtful gift. He was right! We will proudly display this work of art in the Tim Jones Rescue Center.




Rick was on the Grouse Grind when he fell nearly 100 feet near the 3/4 mark, sustaining life-threatening traumatic injuries and developing a further medical condition during transport. BC Ambulance Paramedics, Grouse Mountain First Aid staff and District of North Vancouver Firefighters responded to the scene where Firefighters and NSR/BCAS paramedic Miles Randell, rappelled down to the patient. District Fire and BCAS quickly recognized the seriousness of the injuries and called for NSR to assist with a helicopter longline evacuation.

After a tremendous multi-agency effort, Rick was long-lined from the gully via Talon Helicopters to a waiting Ambulance. In a very short period of time, with minimal injury aggravation, Rick was rushed to hospital where doctors and hospital staff took over.

Rick, on behalf of all the members of North Shore Rescue we are honoured to receive and display your gift. We are also happy that you have pulled through and are well on your way to recovery!

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