In the past few days, a pivotal member of North Shore Rescue received a diagnosis of aggressive, hard to treat cancer after the discovery of a tumour near his liver. It is currently inoperable, and without removal, will be fatal. That said, however, his medical team is starting him on a round of chemotherapy to shrink the tumour to an operable size. There is hope.

This member’s name is Jay Piggot, he is a loving husband and a father of two young boys. He is only 34 years old, and a member of our elite helicopter rescue team as a SAR medic. He is also a part-time paramedic with the British Columbia Ambulance Service. Jay works full-time hours, but is still classified as a part-time paramedic, and thus has no sick time or benefits. Not being able to work while he is treated means that his family faces significant financial hardship in the coming months.

NSR, BC Ambulance Paramedics, and his friends have decided that we need to support our brother and his family in a time of need. We have therefore, with the help of BlueShore Financial, started a trust fund to cover his wages while he gets better. We are coordinating donations through and a fundrazr campaign.

North Shore Rescue is asking for the media’s help, to help us rescue this rescuer. We will be holding a press conference today (Sunday Dec 6, 2015) at 15:30 at the Embassy, 61 Bewicke Ave in North Vancouver to discuss this fundraising initiative. It is our hope that all of our media partners will be able to assist. Jay is the type of guy who drops everything to run to the aid of complete strangers, we are hoping complete strangers can come to his aid now.

Please contact Mike Danks for any inquiries or for more information at 604-562-3332 or at