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Nipper – The world’s smallest portable phone charger. We believe it could be of interest to you, and we’d love if you could consider featuring us!

In an age when everyone is running out of phone battery at the most inappropriate time, people are trying their hardest to charge their phone by whatever means. The Nipper solves this everyday emergency easily, it’s so small (about the size of a dice) that you’ll carry it with you all the time. You won’t have to remember to charge it, or even carry it and you’ll never be caught short again.

When not in use, the Nipper contains no batteries making it much smaller, lighter, and neater than anything else. And when you need to use it, simply attach two AA batteries (the most universal power source) to its magnetic contacts to give you that bit of juice when you need it most.

Description: C:\Users\Doug\Dropbox\Impulse\Photos\Nipper photoshoot mk 2 with Luke\Edits\Dimensioned nipper 300×200.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Doug\Dropbox\Impulse\Photos\Nipper Photoshoot with Luke\Nipper in use with logo 250×196.jpg

The Details of the Nipper:
– Size: 17x17x17mm
– Weight: 10g
– Comes in a range of styles, from the classic range to the premium range with gold-plated magnets and leather straps.
– Your phone battery’s lifeline: Using a pair of AA batteries, charges most modern smartphones to +20% battery capacity, or 2 hours talktime. If the battery’s totally dead, you can plug in and turn it on in seconds to make a phone call or use the maps.
– Starts at £15/$23
– It’s got a bit of personality. No more generic “power bank” or “fuel boost” names.

We’ve been live on Kickstarter for 15 days, raised £13,321 of our £6,000 goal so far, and it will be running for the next 15 days.

Here is a link to the Kickstarter campaign:

Our website:

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