US$700,000 Philippines Fisheries Order

vessel being blown up by Indonesian Navy


SRT, the AIM-quoted provider of maritime domain awareness technologies, is pleased to announce that it has received an order for AIS Class A transceivers worth US$700,000 for deployment on Philippine fishing vessels over the next seven months.

The Philippines has a substantial fishing fleet operating over a large area. The authorities plan to monitor its maritime exclusive economic zone (EEZ) using AIS to track vessels of all sizes and types. The initial focus is larger fishing boats which will be equipped with a combination of Class A and Class B transceivers, before addressing the substantial number of smaller fishing boats with Class B and Identifier type transceivers. A combination of terrestrial and satellite AIS networks will be used to track fitted vessels.

Simon Tucker, CEO of SRT, said:

“Whilst a relatively small order compared to the potential size of the Philippine maritime market opportunity, I am delighted that another significant market has entered its implementation phase. Again, our global market position and reputation for product quality and technology performance, coupled with our local partner’s capabilities, has made SRT products the natural choice for the end customer. We look forward to working with our partner in the years to come to supply this market with the AIS tracking products and systems they require.”

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