Injured women safely recovered from banks of River Ness by RNLI Kessock


The volunteer crew of RNLI Kessock were paged this evening at 6.13 pm to launch their lifeboat, Robert and Isobel Mowat, to assist The Scottish Ambulance Service recovering a female casualty from the banks of the River Ness.

The lady had been walking along the shoreline just upstream of the railway bridge at Shore Street when she suffered a serious ankle injury. An Ambulance crew arrived on scene and administered medical treatment but were unable to safely move the casualty from their position back to the ambulance.

Helmsman Stan MacRae and his volunteer crew were tasked to extract the casualty from the river bank along with the paramedic who was treating her and to move them to Inverness Marina.

As the lifeboat was approaching the casualties position she was moved to the waters edge making the transfer into the lifeboat very simple. At Inverness Marina they were met by the ambulance. The lady was quickly and comfortably transferred from the lifeboat back into the ambulance for her onward journey to Raigmore Hospital.

Stan MacRae said ‘Where the casualty had injured herself made it impossible to safely get her out given her injuries. It was great thinking by the ambulance to realise the lifeboat was an asset they could use in this circumstance. We were more than happy to assist with the short safe passage round to the marina’

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