Swanage inshore lifeboat launches to aid lone yachtsman



During Tuesday evening Swanage’s inshore lifeboat was tasked from its temporary boathouse to assist in locating a missing, lone yachtsman thought to be in Swanage Bay.




Solent Coastguard had become increasingly concerned for a yachtsman sailing alone along the south coast as they had been unable to locate the yachtsman despite repeated requests for information being broadcast to shipping.

The crew of a sail training ship anchored in Swanage bay reported a yacht that seemed to be acting strangely in the bay and reported the yacht to Solent Coastguard. As the yacht fitted the description the Swanage inshore lifeboat was asked to investigate. The lifeboat launched swiftly and was soon alongside the yacht.

Two volunteer crewmembers were put aboard and an assessment of the skipper’s condition was carried out. The skipper was found to be very disorientated so an ambulance was called and the yacht secured to Swanage Pier in order to transfer the skipper safely ashore. The skipper’s yacht was then made safe for the night and the lifeboat volunteers returned to station.

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