Trailhead Selfies, Nice Idea, But NOT an Alternative


This post was in response to the following Georgia Straight article, titled “Hikers urged to post #TrailheadSelfie to aid search-and-rescue efforts.” We DO NOT agree with the TrailHead Selfie being advocated in relation to sharing trip plans with others. While it is an interesting concept, it should fall very far down the continuum of things to do to stay safe. Now that the cat is out of the bag, we feel it is critical to make it explicit that it is NOT an alternative, in any way, to telling someone responsible where you are going, when to expect you back and carrying the 10 Essentials. We believe there is a serious risk of it being confused as an alternative and it could be dangerous if people fail to do the basics, thinking mistakenly they are covered by a Selfie.

Assume someone doesn’t click the link to get more info? or just reads the title of the article? What is the takeaway message? It looks like an endorsement of a lazy option that could get you or your loved one into some serious trouble. Our opinion is that the grave risks of misapprehension far outweigh the minimal benefits to SAR.

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