Two lives saved after fishermen spotted clinging to upturned dinghy.


RNLI_NEV1.JPG – Stock image of Portsmouth’s relief Atlantic 85 Lifeboat Norma Ethel Vinall

RNLI Portsmouth Lifeboat was called into action this morning (11.16am – Thursday 25th September 2014) to reports of man in trouble near the Winner sand bank, outside Langstone Harbour.

The Volunteer crew assembled and immediately launched the Atlantic 85 class lifeboat Norma Ethel Vinall arriving on scene within minutes to find the two fishermen clinging to the side of an upturned dinghy, cold and struggling to stay afloat without life jackets.

Helmsman Neil Maxwell said.
“A person in the water is one of the most urgent jobs we can be tasked to, minutes matter”

The casualties where pulled on board the Lifeboat where it was found that the elderly gentleman was a diabetic, and that they had been in the water for over half an hour.

With the diabetic gent requiring immediate medical assistance, Neil instructed Lyndon Gadd and Hamish Bettany, the first aid trained crew, to assess and monitor the casualties condition while he radioed ahead for an ambulance and rushed the boat back to shore.

Arriving back at the boathouse, the two fishermen where taken into the warm crew room and monitored until Paramedics arrived.

Once the handover was complete the Lifeboat re-launched to recover the Dinghy and any remaining equipment.

The Full Crew was
Helmsman: Neil Maxwell
Crew: Luke Rayner, Lyndon Gadd and Hamish Bettany

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