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At 14.50 hrs on Sunday 27 June 2014 Both Seahouses Lifeboats were on passage from Seahouses to Beadnell for the Annual Beadnell Sailing Club RNLI Flag Day, when a kite surfer was sighted off Beadnell Point. He was becalmed and appeared to be in difficulty.

Both Lifeboats went to give assistance, as care must be taken with these kites, as they often have steel wires which can cause injury to the unwary, should the kite suddenly inflate with gust of wind. Due to the lack of wind, it was possible to recover the kite safely to the Inshore Lifeboat, with its owner, ae All Weather Lifeboat stood by in case further assistance was required, and escorted the Inshore Lifeboat and casualty into Beadnell Bay. The Surfer was not in any immediate danger, and was properly equipped.


Both Lifeboats then continued with their Public Relations visit to Beadnell.

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