Urgent plea for volunteers, for RNLI this weekend at Wheatsheaf TESCO’s




Members of the Sunderland Lifeboat Guild invite volunteers’ to Wheatsheaf Tesco Collection 22, 23 & 24th May

Due to an administrative mix up, Sunderland Lifeboat Guild are taking part in this weekend’s TESCO’s National supermarket collection on behalf of the RNLI.

A man was saved of Whitburn Beach just days ago after being cut off by the tide, so this is essentially a lifesaving operation.

We are really desperate for volunteer collectors due to a confusion with dates. Tesco’s would certainly be worth contacting for further info as well as ourselves.

We have been raising funds for Sunderland Lifeboat and the RNLI since 1867.

However we are becoming rather aged and really need younger people to take part in our activities.

One or two hours on any or all of the three days would be fine, anything to suit really.



Philip Gilman

Sunderland Lifeboat Guild





The Sunderland RNLI Station has a history of over 200 years of saving lives at sea. During those years the class and types of lifeboats has changed from sail and oar, to today’s state of the art power craft equipped with navigation aids and capable of speeds of up to 35 knots. Already during 2008 the stations two inshore lifeboats have been launched into action on 55 occasions.

We need 15 or so collection volunteers to collect at the WHEATSHEAF Tesco in Sunderland.

May 22, 23 and 24th. One maybe two hours on a day or days to suit.

A man was rescued of Whitburn Beach two days ago. Only through the bravery of Sunderland Lifeboat Crews and the donations collected by our volunteer Guilds