New Brighton solicitor signs up to save lives for the RNLI by drinking water

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  • Author: Bob Warwick

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) is encouraging people to sign up to take on its brand new H2Only challenge and raise funds for the charity by giving up all drinks except water, before the sign up period closes on Tuesday 27 May


New Brighton solicitor David Roberts has already signed up to the challenge, which he started on the 12th May. Due to one of his clients promising to increase his donation, David has extended his challenge from the official 2 weeks to 4 weeks and hopes to raise over £1500 for his local lifeboat station at New Brighton.

During a visit to the lifeboat station he met Graham Sale, Lifeboat Operations Manager and Ian Thornton Deputy Launch Authority who explained some of the workings of our station and its Atlantic 85 lifeboat and Inshore Hovercraft. David commented that ‘ The challenge has not been easy, as tea and coffee drinker plus no stranger to the occasional medicinal drink, after a few days I found myself suffering with headaches as a probable result of caffeine withdrawal, I got through that and am now feeling absolutely great. Over the years I have done some sailing and I took on the challenge as I couldn’t think of a more worthwhile cause than supporting the RNLI and its aims of saving lives at sea and around the coast.’

To support David you can donate by clicking on :

The gruelling H2Only challenge runs from Tuesday 27 May to Tuesday 10 June, with participants giving up all drinks – alcoholic and non-alcoholic – except water for the two week period.

As well as going H2Only for two weeks, participants are encouraged to ask for sponsorship and to donate the money they save through only drinking water. Money raised will support the charity whose volunteer lifeboat crews and lifeguards rescued 9,951 people last year across the UK and Ireland.

All those brave enough to take on the challenge must sign up by Tuesday 27 May at

Just as dedicated RNLI lifeboat volunteers and lifeguards need to be selfless and committed when they’re saving lives at sea, participants will need to become masters of self-control to succeed in this challenge. It’s not just alcohol that participants will have to give up for two weeks, they’ll also need to say goodbye to fizzy drinks, tea, coffee, juice and squash.

A free H2Only app is available to download from Google Play and the Apple App Store, to help participants get through this tough challenge. The app gives participants the chance to unlock rewards like adding a slice of lemon to their water if they can manage to raise £15 in one day. Participants can also take on the H2Only challenge as part of a team through the app, and can share encouragement when will-power hits choppy water.

Graham Sale, Lifeboat Operations Manager at New Brighton commented ‘Through taking part or sponsoring participants in this challenge, the public will help raise vital funds to support RNLI lifesavers across the UK and Ireland. Our crews know just how important every pound raised is. It pays for the lifeboats we use, the kit and the training – all of which keep them safe when we’re out on a shout.

We are really impressed with what David is doing for us at New Brighton and I would encourage anyone brave enough to take on the H2Only challenge to sign up now.’

Paul Boissier, RNLI Chief Executive, is taking on the challenge. He said: ‘We hope the H2Only challenge will help raise awareness of the important work the RNLI does. It reflects what the charity does and the commitment that all RNLI lifesavers display day-in, day-out. In 2013, during the same two week period which the H2Only campaign covers, RNLI lifeboat crews and lifeguards rescued 787 people, saving 18 lives across the UK and Ireland.’