Billings Family Thanks NSR



The Billings’ family including Tom’s – mother, father and sister flew into Vancouver on Monday. This was to personally thank NSR members and view first hand the hard work and considerable terrain covered in the search for their missing son – Tom Billings.
In addition to walking some of the trail of his intended destination, they had front row seats on a medical rescue on Mt Seymour when we were alerted to a Spot locator activation while with team leader, Mike Danks. Rather than leave them behind they accompanied Mike and watched and listened as the team carried out the search and subsequent rescue by stretcher to an ambulance called by the team.

The photo above shows the Billings family and Gillian Blair of the British Consulate office with many of the team members present for training Tuesday night, many of whom spent many hours if not days searching over Christmas and into the new year of 2014. The members appreciated the gesture and spent some time chatting with the family.

This search will continue as the snow in the upper Hanes Valley continues and allows safe travel on and off the route. As other searches occur in the area we remain mindful of their missing son, Tom.