Ron Royston Receives Public Safety Lifetime Achievement Award


Please join us in congratulating Ron on his recent Public Safety Lifeline Award! Ron is the reciepent of the “Lifetime Achievment Award” for his incredible dedication and commitment to public safety as you will see below:


 Ron Royston began his volunteer service in 1967 as a young member of the Alpine Club of Canada who volunteered his skills to the Mountain Rescue Group. The Mountain Rescue Group or MRG as it was known provided search and rescue services to people lost or injured in the mountains.

In 1968 Ron was accepted as a volunteer member of the First Aid Ski Patrol at Whistler Mountain. The First Aid Ski Patrol or FASP provided the weekend ski patrol coverage to this relatively new ski hill. Ron was soon deeply involved in the training of the ski patrol and the development of rescue and avalanche procedures on the mountain. His involvement and demonstrated skills soon resulted in Ron being appointed to leadership roles and eventually serving a three year term as the leader of the Whistler Mountain Volunteer Ski Patrol and then as President of the First Aid Ski Patrol for two separate terms.

While volunteering at Whistler Mountain, Ron was introduced to the North Shore Rescue Team which had been formed in 1965 and would come to Whistler for more advanced winter rescue training. Ron became an instructor to North Shore Rescue, also known as NSR, showing them how to do rope rescue in a snow environment as well as provide avalanche awareness and rescue training.

Ron volunteered as a member of the First Aid Ski Patrol at Whistler Mountain until 1980 then transferred to the Grouse Mountain First Aid Ski Patrol. This transfer provided Ron with more flexibility to pursue his professional career as a Chartered Accountant and the opportunity to engage further in his volunteer activities with the North Shore Rescue Team which he had been invited to join and did so in 1975. After joining NSR, Ron was very active as a search and rescue responder as well as contributing to the Team as a mountaineering skills instructor.

In 1980, Ron was invited to participate in the first Search and Rescue Manager course. Upon successful completion of the course, Ron became one of the first SAR Managers in B.C. His career as a SAR Manager spanned more than 30 years. During this period Ron was the lead SAR Manager on more than 500 tasks which included successful responses to several remote areas of British Columbia and Washington State as well as many in the local area served by NSR. Among his accomplishments as a SAR Manager was the introduction and deployment of the first long-line rescue involving volunteer technicians. Ron took an active role together with Tim Jones in the procurement and design of NSR’s mobile Command Centre and later the new rescue base in North Vancouver known affectionately as the Embassy.

While contributing more than 20,000 volunteer hours as an active member and SAR Manager with North Shore Rescue, Ron continued his volunteer commitment as member of the First Aid Ski Patrol at Grouse Mountain and continues to do so today.

A Chartered Accountant by profession, it became clear that as NSR faced funding challenges, Ron could bring his skills as an accountant to aid the Team and he did so starting in 1984 when he was elected as the Team’s Treasurer, a position he still holds today.

For his contributions to both the North Shore Rescue Team and the First Aid Ski Patrol, Ron has been awarded Life Membership in both organizations.

In addition to his significant volunteer contribution through both NSR and FASP, Ron also freely offered his many skills to other organizations which serve the citizens of British Columbia. Ron has served as a director of St. John Ambulance of British Columbia for 27 years, a director of the West Vancouver Community Foundation for 9 years, a director of the Canadian Club of Vancouver for 10 years and a Hut Custodian for the Alpine Club of Canada for 31 years.

The official ceremony will take place in May at the Legislature in Victoria.

We can’t think of a more deserving person for this award and are very fortunate to have you on NSR Ron!