G3 – Less than 5 Weeks to Go

Are You Prepared for a Maritime Mass Rescue Operation?




Maritime mass rescue operations are rare, but they do happen and they will happen – and when they happen they are extremely challenging.

Are you ready?

The loss of the South Korean ferry Sewol is a very sad, but timely reminder of why this conference should be attended by any organisation with responsibility for the safety of people travelling or working on the water, or for their rescue when that is needed.

Come to the IMRF’s mass rescue conference in Gothenburg on 1-3 June to hear first-hand accounts from people who have been involved in mass rescue operations: the captains, the coordinators, the rescuers and the rescued; the policy-makers, the trainers and the industry experts.

And join the discussion too. Share your knowledge, experiences and questions with others through the “Open Space” workshop integral to the conference.

Delegates at the last MRO Conference “Rescued”

Build relationships with partners and potential partners through the networking opportunities provided over the three days.

Contribute to the IMRF’s ongoing mass rescue operations project, to improve the response worldwide.

Be there. Be involved. Make a difference.


Register Now!
You can register for the IMRF International Maritime Mass Rescue Conference by going to our website. We also recommend a few very good Hotels in Gothenburg and we have arranged transport from your hotel to the conference and back. 
You will also find the Agenda and Brochure of the IMRF International Maritime Mass Rescue conference on our website!
It is not too late to register with some spaces still available, but there are less than 5 weeks to go.
Register now and don’t miss out!