New launch and recovery vehicle arrives at Exmouth RNLI

PR180314-1 LRV Arrival

PR180314-1 LRV Arrival
The LRV arrives at Exmouth lifeboat station.

PR180314-2 LRV arrival

PR180314-2 LRV Arrival
Exmouth RNLI volunteers watch the capabilities of their new launch and recovery vehicle on Exmouth beach.

PR180314-3 LRV arrival

PR180314-3 LRV Arrival
The launch and recovery vehicle parks in the lifeboat station.


Shannon and launcher during trials in 2013

Photos: (Credit: Exmouth RNLI)

On Monday 17 March, a new vehicle was introduced to the life-saving fleet at Exmouth RNLI. The launch and recovery vehicle (L&RV) has been part-funded by an ongoing appeal launched by the Exmouth Lifeboat Fundraising Team.




The arrival of the LR&V is the first step in the preparations for the new Shannon-class lifeboat (13-03) R and J Welburn, due later this spring. Volunteer tractor driver training started on Tuesday 18 March and will continue with tractor mechanics next week. At some point there are plans to introduce the relief Shannon-class lifeboat 13-01 for training purposes.

Delivering the training are RNLI Senior Launch and Recovery Trainer, Mark Perry and RNLI Shannon Launch and Recovery Implementation Engineer, Davey Wallace. Mark and Davey have just completed two months training at Dungeness RNLI, the first lifeboat station to receive a Shannon-class lifeboat last month. Mark gave an informative health and safety briefing to crew volunteers on Monday evening;

‘We’ve received a warm welcome from all the volunteers at Exmouth and they’re enthusiastic to commence training in readiness for their new Shannon-class lifeboat.’

The Exmouth Lifeboat Fundraising Team have been asked to raise £150,000 towards the total cost of the L&RV. At the end of February, the appeal had reached £126,000 and the remaining £24,000 needs to be raised in time for the new Shannon-class lifeboat.

The L&RV is designed by the charity that saves lives at sea in conjunction with Supacat Ltd who are based locally in Dunkerswell, East Devon. This partnership has lead to the design of a bespoke 21st century vehicle to match the technical advances of a new generation of all-weather lifeboats, such as the Shannon-class.


We currently have a fundraising appeal to raise £150,000 towards the total cost of the launch and recovery vehicle to accompany our Shannon-class lifeboat, due this year.

Exmouth RNLI has been operating since 1858. To learn more about the lifeboat stations past and present go to

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