Walking With The Wounded Day 1 – The race is on



After being held up on several occasions due to adverse weather conditions and logistical challenges the Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge will set off today at approximately 13:00 GMT.





Expedition Manager, Victoria Nicholson, updated the Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge voice diary in the middle of the night just 12 hours before the beginning of the race reporting that the pulks (sledges which carry each team members survival equipment, food and tents) are now all in place, and the whole expedition is finally ready to go!

Day 1 – The Race Is On!

Today, Sunday 1 December 2013, marks the official start of The Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge 2013.

Team Glenfiddich, Team Noom Coach and Team Soldier On found their window of opportunity to get the race underway from the start line at 87º and will begin the gruelling 280km race at 13:00 GMT this afternoon in temperatures of -27ºC, with a wind chill dropping it to -35ºC.

At the Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge 2013 departure event in Trafalgar Square on Thursday 14 November, the three teams took part in the official coin toss that would determine which position each team would take at the start line. The result of the coin toss between Co-founders of Walking With The Wounded Ed Parker and Simon Daglish (respectively members of Team Noom Coach and Team Soldier On) resulted in: Team Soldier On winning the toss, followed by Team Noom Coach and finally Team Glenfiddich.

The challenge is expected to take 15 days, after Ed Parker made the decision on Friday 29 November to shorten the race distance by approximately 60km. This is due to the delays the teams have encountered impacting further on the race.

Good luck to all teams on their journey ahead!

You can follow the daily race updates and listen to the team members daily voice blogs coming in from Antarctica by clicking here.

You can also follow us on Facebook and join the conversation with us @SupportTheWalk by using the hashtag #SouthPole2013.

Keep up with all the latest news from the ice

Thanks to our satellite communications system supported by Arqiva, we are able to bring you live updates from Antarctica as the race unfolds.

Voice blogs from the team members on the ice will be coming in regularly as they race to reach the South Pole.

You can listen to all the latest voice blogs via the Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge News Page. Please click here to listen to our recent updates from 87º before the teams set off.

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As our Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge teams start trekking the 280km to reach the Geographical South Pole, you can support them every step of the way by donating or raising £100 to sponsor a kilometre of the race.

Donate or raise £100 or more and your name will appear in Walking with the Wounded’s daily blog as one of the sponsors for the previous day’s kilometres walked.

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