Teams Arrive Home Just In Time For Christmas

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On Monday 23 December at 9:00am GMT, the Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge 2013 teams arrived at London Heathrow Airport Terminal 3 and shared an emotional reunion with their families, friends and loved ones. The expedition teams from the UK, the US and the Commonwealth (Australia and Canada) arrived back from a 5-week expedition in the harsh and unforgiving environment of Antarctica, where they undertook a gruelling 13-day challenge across 200km to reach the geographic South Pole.

Prince Harry, the Expedition Patron, who has been a member of Team Glenfiddich for the entirety of the expedition, spoke about how honoured he feels to have been involved, and the feeling of achievement by all:

“It’s an amazing feeling, it really is. I’m so proud, I’m so chuffed and so privileged to be here with all these guys and girls, and well done to Ed Parker and Simon Daglish and everyone who’s organised this. What an amazing accomplishment. Mission success.”

– Prince Harry, Expedition Patron and Team Glenfiddich member

Today the global community of wounded ex-service personnel salutes the team members for the inspiring journey they have taken and everyone who has supported, sponsored and been there every step of the way.

The money that you have helped raise for Walking With The Wounded will help make a difference to the lives of our wounded and injured soldiers, helping to assist them in finding a civilian career outside the Military.

The expeditions that Walking With The Wounded undertake look to raise awareness, to show the public who our wounded are, to tell their stories and to highlight the support they need. They are also to champion these extraordinary people who do not give up despite injury and continue to face challenges with determination and courage, just as the Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge members have shown.

You can still visit the Virgin Money’s South Pole Allied Challenge hub to donate and help the teams raise their £150,000 target to support Walking With The Wounded.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.





Thank You to you all

Each step of the way and each kilometre travelled on the Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge was made easier for the teams in the knowledge that you have been supporting them throughout their challenge.

“The money we are raising is going to help young men and women who have been injured get into work and jobs. That is why we are doing this, to try and highlight that they do need our support.

So please keep helping us, keep supporting us.”

– Ed Parker, Expedition Director and Walking With The Wounded Co-Founder

Walking With The Wounded would like to thank all of you who sponsored a kilometre for the Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge. Please click here to view the ‘Sponsor A Km’ fundraisers who have supported the Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge.

Thank you to all those who walked home for Christmas

Thank you to all of you who took part in Walking Home For Christmas on Friday 20 December. No matter how far you walked, your efforts have gone towards supporting our wounded servicemen and women. They have walked in far worse and more dangerous environments than we care to imagine so this was our way of giving something back and making the Turkey this year more deserved. This Christmas thousands of soldiers will be in Afghanistan many of which will be patrolling through Taliban country where minefields and snipers are an occupational hazard.

It isn’t too late to get your trainers on and donate to help support the work of Walking With The Wounded by joining Ed Parker, Walking With The Wounded Co-Founder on his walk home on Christmas Eve:

“It’s a really fun way of ending the working year and the money would go to support wounded servicemen and women getting back into work. I will be going home from Antarctica on the 23rd of December and on the 24th I am going to walk from the office back to my home, which is 5.5 miles, so please do join me and your support is really really appreciated. […] BE one of those who walk home!”

– Ed Parker, Walking With The Wounded Co-Founder


Millie Manders is as off the wall, off the stage as she is on it. A bubbly and bright singer songwriter from South London she writes punchy, punky, bouncy rock pop songs that get you on your feet and moving. Scratch the surface though and lyrically her tough upbringing and life experiences can be felt too.

She has just released her new single, A Lonely Little Christmas, and she is kindly donating 70% of the sales to Walking With The Wounded to help fund the re-training and re-education of our wounded servicemen and women.

Please also share this great single with your friends and family this Christmas!

Click here to download the single from iTunes or watch it on YouTube by clicking here.

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