Walking With The Wounded Teams Depart For Race Start



The Teams Are Ready To Fly From Novo To The Race Start

The Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge teams have been confirmed to fly from Novolazarevskaya (Novo) Airbase, Antarctica, to their race starting point at 87°. All three teams, Team Glenfiddich from the UK, Team Noom Coach from the US and Team Soldier On from the Commonwealth (Australia and Canada), will leave Novo on two separate flights, departing on Tuesday 26 November and Wednesday 27 November.




All teams were scheduled to catch flights to 87° on Saturday 23 November. After a 48 hour delay in Cape Town due to adverse weather conditions in Antarctica, followed by further delays due to polar storms in Novo, the teams are having to catch later flights.

Ed Parker Team Noom Coach’s mentor and co-founder of Walking With The Wounded got in touch from Novo Airbase to send an update. Listen to his voice blog by clicking here.

‘The good bit of news is that the weather, which has been keeping us in Novo, has changed slightly quicker than we were expecting. So, our first flight with half of the expedition will leave the base at 6:00pm GMT on Tuesday 26 November, getting us to the start point for 1:00am GMT. We have to stop at 83° to re-fuel the aircraft ourselves. The second half of the expedition will be flying from Novo airbase on Wednesday 27 November at 6:00pm GMT, joining the rest of the team that night at 1:00am GMT.’

– Ed Parker, Team Noom Coach Mentor

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The Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge team members have all started their acclimatisation process in Novo and also found windows for team skiing sessions on the ice. Other time spent at the airbase has been used for rest, unpacking and repacking their pulks and kit, which they will be taking on their 208 mile journey across the Antarctic Plateau.

Now that the Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge 2013 teams have been confirmed to fly to 87°, the race is due to start one day early, on Friday 29 November.
Voice Diary Live Updates

Though the Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge teams are thousands of miles from home and in one of the most remote environments in the world, by using our satellite communication technology and bespoke voice blog system you are able to stay in contact (weather depending) with the team members every step of the way.

The teams have been keeping us up to date by sending regular voice blogs expressing their excitement and anticipation as the start of the race looms ever closer.
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