Tonic 1

Photo of Yacht under tow to Beadnell and Dive Boat Sea Witch removing the offending rope

At 09.38hr on Saturday 27 July 2013, Humber Coastguard requested the launch of Seahouses Lifeboats, to go to the assistance of a disabled 45ft Yacht “Tonic”, which had a rope around its propeller and rudder, 3 miles south of the Farne Islands. It had 6 persons aboard. Both Lifeboats were quickly on scene to give assistance, and a Lifeboat Crewman was put aboard the yacht.

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The yacht was taken in tow to Beadnell Bay, as the lifeboat crews were unable to free the rope. At Beadnell Bay, a party of visiting divers were asked to assist. On board their RIB (inflatable boat) “Sea Witch”, they came over to the yacht and were able to remove the rope. The Yacht was advised to return to Amble for safety checks, and was escorted for a short distance south by the Lifeboats, to ensure that its engine and gearbox were functioning correctly, and that it was not taking in any water.

The Lifeboat then returned to station, however the All Weather Lifeboat could not re enter the harbour until 15:15hr, due to the low tide, making a long day for the crew !.

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