Ballycotton RNLI lifeboat launches to lone sailor


Date: 25 March 2013

Mine Head Coast Guard received a call for assistance at 3:30am this morning, 25 March 2013, from a lone sailor on passage from the UK. Ballycotton lifeboat launched at 3:45am and proceeded to the known position of the 6.5 metre vessel, which was approx. 38 miles east south east of Ballycotton off the East Cork coast. The yacht was still under steam and the RNLI lifeboat reached the vessel at 5:25am. Two crew members were placed aboard the yacht and the yachtsman was transferred to the Ballycotton RNLI lifeboat where his condition was assessed. It was decided to have the casualty air lifted and the Waterford based Coast Guard helicopter, Rescue 117, has been requested to launch. It is expected to reach the Ballycotton lifeboat at approx. 07:00am.

Update to follow.


Bláthnaid Lane Walsh
Ballycottton lifeboat press officer

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