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IMO News

The Latest From The IMO
Read all about the latest news from the IMO.

The Joint Working Group
ICAO and the IMO have a joint meeting every year.

The last COMSAR meeting ever?

Planning to Recover
New developments in recovery at sea regulation and guidance.


Search And Rescue News

Broadly Boats News

Firetrench Directory

Project News

SAR Development
The latest news about SAR developments in North West Africa.

Education Project: Wear a Lifejacket!
New Zealand’s Educational project: Wear a Lifejacket!

Exchange Your Crew
The latest news about the European Crew Exchange Programme 2013!


Greetings from a stormy and wintry Stonehaven!


The new year has started with a rush as we process the returns from our member organisations, updating records, contacts and the other information we hold.




This year as part of our communications plan we have requested the contact from organisations for press releases and media to build the contact points with our members.


Many thanks to those who have completed the summary of activity and assets. We appreciate this can be time consuming, but is essential to us understanding the areas activity you are involved with, so we can be smarter on keeping you informed.


If you have anything you are unsure of, or need help with “just ask”. For potential new members drop me an e-mail, or give me a call and we can look to get you more involved.


Kind regards,




Ann Laing

International Maritime Rescue Federation

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