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At 14.51hr on Thursday 27 December 2012, Seahouses Lifeboat was requested to launch by Humber Coastguard following a request from the North East Ambulance Service, to convey an ambulance crew to Holy Island, where a female patient was ill and required medical attention. The causeway was closed by the high tide, but was starting to recede.

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The Lifeboat was quickly launched and awaited the arrival of the emergency ambulance at Seahouses, which had been diverted there. On arrival, a paramedic and his equipment were transferred to the lifeboat and conveyed to Holy Island. His colleague then drove the ambulance to the causeway, in anticipation of the patient being brought across the causeway as the tide receded. Sea conditions were very choppy, occasionally rough, and evacuation of an ill person by lifeboat, was considered by the coxswain as a last resort. On arrival of the lifeboat at Holy Island, local shore based coastguards escorted the paramedic to the casualty’s location. She was assessed and stabilised, and transferred to the coastguard 4×4 vehicle with the paramedic, and brought across the Causeway which was still clearing of sea water. She was transferred to the awaiting ambulance on the mainland side, and taken to hospital for treatment. The Lifeboat was then released, and returned to station at 16.45hr that day.

The RNLI have no information about the casualty’s identity or condition.

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