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At 01.35hr on Friday 21 September 2012, Seahouses Lifeboat was requested to launch to the assistance of the 10 metre yacht “Samphire”, which had dragged its anchor in the Kettle mooring at the Inner Farne Island, and had run aground.

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The All Weather Lifeboat launched, and gave assistance to the yacht, which was towed to a safe anchorage in the islands, and its anchor reset.

Meanwhile a second call for assistance came from another yacht at that location, “Rainbow 2”. This yacht had also dragged its anchor, and while raising its anchor, its engine had failed and had been washed onto the inner Farne island. The Lifeboat was able to secure a towline to this second yacht, and was able to tow it clear, and escorted it to safety, once it was established that it had not suffered any serious structural damage.

This done, the Lifeboat was able to return to station (and back to bed !).

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