Missing Hiker Located on Grouse


By Curtis Jones

Date: June 22, 2012

Time: 18:10

Location: Front Side of Grouse, Near Old BCMC Trail

Weather: A LOT OF RAIN

At 18:10 on June 22, NSR was activated by the North Vancouver RCMP to search for a missing hiker who had gotten separated from his hiking companion on the front side of Grouse. Eariler in the day the subject, a 20 year old male, had intended to head up the Grouse Grind. However, at the very start he took a wrong turn and ended up on the Baden Powell Trail heading in the wrong direction. Shortly there after, he lost the trail in the early darkness of the rainy forest.

Search And Rescue News

Firetrench Directory

NSR responded with 10 members to Grouse base to begin the search. With a combination of loud hailer sound blasts, and communication with the subject via his cellular phone, crews were able to relatively quickly pinpoint his location in a creek drainage just off the BCMC trail. After a brief assessment of his condition, giving him warm clothing and rehydrating, he was escorted out to the parking lot to his relieved hiking companion.

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