The FDR of the SSJ100 aircraft #97004 is found and handed over to the investigation commission

May 31, 2012, Moscow


Yesterday evening the Flight data recorder (FDR) of the SSJ100 aircraft #97004 was found at approximately a kilometer of distance from the place of the aircraft collision with ground. This morning the FDR was officially handed over to the Investigation Commission of the National Committee for Transport Safety, KNKT. The unit is not essentially damaged.


The commission is currently inspecting the FDR. After the inspection the Indonesian experts will start to decode the FDR data. The activities will be done in presence of SCAC’s experts that are currently in Indonesia. If necessary, SCAC is ready to provide both technical and expert support in running these works.


“We thank our Indonesian colleagues for carrying out search works in difficult conditions on site. The rescue of the FDR will allow the definition of a clear picture of the event and will expedite the investigation”, noted SCAC President Vladimir Prisyazhnyuk.


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