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At 19.45hr on Saturday 28th April 2012, Seahouses Lifeboat was requested to launch by Humber Coastguard, to evacuate one of the resident National Trust Wardens from Inner Farne Island. He had injured his foot earlier in the day, and which now required medical attention. The poor prevailing sea conditions did not permit the casualty to come ashore on the wardens’ small inflatable boat.

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The all weather lifeboat was quickly launched and proceeded to Inner Farne. All RNLI Lifeboat crew are trained to RNLI Medic Casualty Care level. The casualty was taken aboard the lifeboat where he was attended by the crew. He was then brought to Seahouses Harbour, where he was transferred to an awaiting ambulance. His injury was not life threatening, but did need professional medical attention.
The lifeboat returned to station at 20.50hr that day.

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