RNLI Portsmouth Lifeboat Saves Two Fishermen from sinking Trawler.

RNLI TrawlerSinking2

RNLI_TrawlerSinking1 – Trawler Sinking after Lifeboat pushed away

This was the third shout of the day for Portsmouth RNLI
Shout 1 ILB launched to assist a kayaker in difficulty in the main Langstone channel.
Shout 2 small power boat with machinery failure just off the boathouse.
Shout 3 Mayday to Sinking Trawler – shortly after 3pm

RNLI CrewmanBoardingtrawler

RNLI_CrewmanBoardingtrawler – Helmsman Pete Boarding stricken vessel

RNLI Portsmouth lifeboat Norma T had returned from routine training when a Mayday call was heard over the VHF Radio. The Mayday was from an 11 Metre Fishing Trawler reporting that it was taking on water two miles south of Langstone Harbour.

RNLI TrawlerSinking1

RNLI_TrawlerSunkwithCrewmanclear – Trawler Sunk with crewman clear

The Lifeboat was immediately re-launched and raced towards the casualty vessel arriving on scene in a matter of minutes. The trawler used a hand flare to confirm its position.

Once on-scene the Lifeboat could see that the Starboard side of the fishing vessel was already resting on the waterline and that it was the boats forward motion keeping it afloat. Helmsman Pete Slidel boarded the Fishing boat to check the ingress of water and to prepare the two Trawler men ready to abandon ship.

After the first Person was transferred to the safety of the Lifeboat the Trawlers engine failed leaving the vessel adrift and un-stable in the three metre swell.

The Lifeboat managed to secure the second casualty but was pushed away by the swell before the volunteer crewman was able to jump clear.

Pete Slidel said
“After the engine cut out, It was only about four or five seconds before the boat started to go, as the Bow went up on the next wave the Stern just went under and it began to capsize”

The fishing boat then completely submerged leaving Pete swimming behind it; he was picked up by Gosport Rescue before the RNLI Lifeboat rushed the two fishermen back to the boathouse.

The RNLI Crewman and Gosport Rescue remained on-scene to collect debris from the sunken vessel and to mark the wrecks position with a buoy.

Due to the size of the Casualty vessel RNLI Bembridge’s All Weather Tamar Class Lifeboat was requested to assist but was stood down prior to launch.

RNLI TrawlerSunkwithCrewmanclear

RNLI_TrawlerSinking2 – Trawler sinking a few seconds later

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